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The trustees of our defined benefit pension schemes, the Smiths Industries Pension Scheme and the TI Group Pension Scheme have appointed The Tracing Group to help locate pension scheme members they have lost touch with.

If you receive a letter from The Tracing Group, similar to the below, please be assured you can be confident that this correspondence is genuine and is not a scam. If you would like further reassurance, you can check with Mercer the scheme’s administrators, or contact Smiths Pensions Limited.

To respond to The Tracing Group’s request, please go to their website and scroll down to the “Have you received a letter?” section.

The Tracing Group Letter 2023

Don't recognise the pension scheme?

Historically there were a lot of companies participating in these schemes. To help you understand where your pension benefits may have arisen from, we’ve set out details of the names of the employers associated with the schemes.

Airstream Products Ltd
Affiliated Factors Ltd
Anda Products Ltd
Automated Engineering Products Ltd
Autosound Ltd
Barringer Instruments U.K. Limited
Car Radio Services of Otley Ltd
Claude Rye Limited
Claude Rye Bearings Limited
Delanair Ltd
Dennis & Robinson Ltd
Downs Surgical Ltd
EJ Jack International Ltd
Elkay Electrical Manufacturing Company
Eschmann Bros and Walsh Ltd
Eschmann Holdings Ltd
Flexible Ducting Ltd
Fliteline Ltd
General Signal Ltd
Godfrey Holmes Ltd
GH Warehousing Limited
Graseby [Dynamics] Ltd
HG Wallace Ltd
Icore International Limited
Jacks Hydraulics Ltd
Kopex International Ltd
Maclellan Rubber Ltd
Maclellan Rubbers Printing Ltd
M & E Bearings & Seals Ltd
M & E Seals Ltd
Marine Systems
Marine Audio Visual Instructional Systems Ltd
Medcraft Ltd
Medex Medical Ltd
Mexport International (Bearings) Ltd
Micro-Circuit Engineering Ltd
Overseas Cars Ltd
Portex Ltd
Radiomobile Spain Ltd
Roof Units Ltd
Sifan Systems Ltd
Simac Ltd
Simcare Ltd
Simcare Manufacturing Ltd
Sims Portex Ltd
Smiths Aerospace Ltd
Smiths Aerospace Components Limited
Smiths Aerospace Components - Tyseley (Reynolds Rings)
Smiths Aerospace Components - Burnley (AIT))
Smiths Detection-Crawley Ltd
Smiths Detection Ltd
Sims Graseby Ltd
Smiths Healthcare Limited
Smiths Industries Aerospace & Defence Systems Ltd
Smiths Industries Hydraulics Ltd
Smiths Industries Industrial Group Ltd
Smiths Industries Ltd
SLI International Limited
Smiths Industries Plc
Smiths Industries Medical Distribution Limited
Smiths Medical [International] Ltd
Smiths Wolverhampton Ltd
Sims Portex Ltd
Specac Ltd
Surgical Equipment Supplies Ltd
Thos Richfield & Son Ltd
Trak Microwave Limited
TI Group Ltd
Timeguard Ltd
Torin Ltd
Tucker Nunn and Grimshaws Ltd
Tudor Accessories Ltd
Uniroof Ltd
Unitex Ltd
Uni-Tubes Ltd
Vent Axia Group Ltd
Vent-Axia Ltd
Vent-Axia Group Ltd
Vent-Axia Ventilation Ltd (Ireland)
Viney & Crawford (Factors) Ltd
Wex Engineering Ltd
World Radio Ltd
Xionics Ltd

Accles & Pollock Limited
Acon Equipment (Leicester) Ltd
Aerostructures Hamble Limited
Alexander Brown & Co (Glasgow) Ltd
Alexander Dunn Ltd
Allen West EAC Ltd
Almetex Ltd
Alnery No 705
Alnery No 706
Alnery No 707
Alnery No 720
Aluminium Corporation Ltd
Aluminium Wire & Cable Co Ltd
Antrim Precision Engineering Ltd
Atherton Silencers Ltd
AWCO Wire Ltd
B A Chemicals Ltd
Baco Aluminium (Norhtwest) Ltd
Baco Aluminium Stockholders Ltd
Baco Aluminium Supply Co Ltd
Baco Aluminum (Ravensbourne)
Baco Contracts Ltd
Baco Fabrications Ltd
Baco Leisure Products Ltd
Bacofoil Ltd
Beagle Aircraft Limited
Bennet Tools Ltd
Bennett Tools Ltd
Blackburns (London) Ltd
Bradley Claddings Ltd
Bradley Laminates Ltd
British Alcan Aluminium Ltd
British Aluminium Stockholders Ltd
Bromsgrove Castings PLC
Brookes (Oldbury) Ltd
Bundy (Letchworth) Ltd
Calsonic Exhaust systems
Cambridge Glasshouse Co Ltd
Cambridge Vacuum Engineering Ltd
Cardinal Matrix Broaches Ltd
Celette - Churchill Ltd
Charles Churchill Ltd
Chesterfield Cylinders Ltd
Clang Ltd
Cold Drawn Tubes Ltd
Compoflex Co Ltd
Corfield & Buckle Ltd
Coventry Gauge Ltd
Cox of Watford Furniture Ltd
Crane Packing Ltd
Creda Electric Ltd
Creda International (Appliances) Ltd
DA Divisional Services Ltd
Deep Sea Seals Ltd
Dowty Aerospace Gloucester Ltd
Dowty Boulton Paul Ltd
Dowty Seals Ltd
Dowty Woodville Polymer Ltd
Drynamels Ltd
Dunlop Cox Ltd
Duple (Metsec) Ltd
Flourescent Applications Ltd
Fords Barry-Wehmiller Ltd
Fords Converting Ltd
Forsheda Ltd
Frampton Ferguson Ltd
Fulton (TI) Ltd
Gas Spares Ltd
Glow-worm Ltd
Glow-worm Ltd
Hancock, Corfield & Walker Ltd
Hartley & Sugden
Hay Hall Group Ltd
Healy of Leicester Ltd
High Duty Alloys Extrusions Ltd
Hollow Extrusions Ltd
Horstmann Gauge & Metrology Ltd
Jackson Catering Equipment Ltd
James Gibbons Format Ltd
James Gibbons Ltd
John Crane UK Ltd
John Elwell Ltd
Kinlockeven Road Transport Co Ltd
Magnesium Elektron Ltd
Manitube Engineering Co Ltd
Markland Tubes Ltd/Markland
Matrix Engineering Ltd
Matrix Machine Tools Ltd
Matrix-Churchill International Ltd
Messier-Dowty Ltd
Metal Sections Ltd
Midas (Great Britain) Ltd
New World Domestic Appliances
New World Gas Controls Ltd
New world Gas Spares Ltd
Newcast Foundaries Ltd
Oil Plus Limited
Parkray Ltd
Pel Ltd
Plasro Plastics Ltd
Qualfin Ltd
Radiation-Ascot Ltd
Raleigh Industries (Gradual Payments)
Raleigh Industries Ltd
Richards & Ross
Richards & Ross Ltd
Robertson Tooling Ltd
Rockwell Machine Tool Co Ltd
Rockwell Packaging Machines Ltd
Rockwell Pneumatic Scale Ltd
Russell Hobbs Ltd
Russell Hobbs Tower Ltd
Seamless Tubes Ltd
Simplex (Power Centre) Ltd
SIMPLEX GE Holdings Ltd
Simplex-Circulume Ltd
Simplex-Ge Manufacturing Ltd
Smiths Aerospace Components Limited
Smiths Aerospace Limited
Smiths Pensions Limited
Smiths Group plc
TBA Industrial Products Ltd
The Alumina Co Ltd
The British Aluminium Co Ltd
The Hay Hall Group Ltd
The Victalulic Company plc
Thermal Processing Group Ltd
TI (Export Ltd)
TI Abar Ltd
TI Accles and Pollock Ltd
TI Airdun Ltd
TI Anderston Clyde Ltd
TI Apollo Ltd
TI Bainbridge Silencers Ltd
TI Barrow Hope Ltd
TI Becker Lifts Ltd
TI Bexuda Ltd
TI Bottling & Packing Ltd
TI Bradbury Ltd
TI Broadwell Ltd
TI Catering Equipment Ltd
TI Chestefield Ltd
TI Cheswick Silencers (B & M) Ltd
TI Cheswick Silencers Ltd
TI Corporate Services Ltd
TI Coventry Gauge Ltd
TI Cox Ltd
TI Creda International
TI Creda Ltd
TI Creda Manufacturing Ltd
TI Crown Merton Ltd
TI Crypton Ltd
TI Desford Tubes Ltd
TI Desford Tubes Ltd *
TI Desford Tubes Ltd *
TI Desford Tubes Ltd *
TI Desford Tubes Ltd *
TI Domestic Appliance Services Ltd
TI Domestic Appliances Ltd
TI Employee Sales Ltd
TI England Engineers Ltd
TI Export Ltd
TI Flexible Tubes Ltd
TI Fords Ltd
TI Group Automotive Systems (UK) Limited
TI Group Automotive Systems Limited
TI Group No 7 Ltd
TI Group Limited
TI Group Services) Ltd
TI Helliwells Ltd
TI Herbert-Churchill Ltd
TI Interloch Ltd
TI International Ltd
TI Jackson Ltd
TI Machine Division Services Ltd
TI Machine Tools Ltd
TI Machines (International) Ltd
TI Machines Ltd
TI Manitube Silencers Ltd
TI Markland Ltd
TI Matrix Engineering Ltd
TI Matrix Ltd
TI Matrix Tools Ltd
TI Matrix-Churchill International Ltd
TI Metsec Ltd
TI National Tube Ltd
TI New World Ltd
TI Nichelsons Silencers Ltd
TI Nihon UK Ltd
TI Norfleet Silencers Ltd
TI Packaging Machines Ltd
TI Plasro Plastics Ltd
TI Polmach Ltd
TI Power Transmissions Limited
TI Raleigh Industries Ltd
TI Reynolds 531 Ltd
TI Reynolds Ltd
TI Reynolds Rings Ltd
TI Rollo-Hardy Ltd
TI Serco Ltd
TI Silencers Ltd
TI Simplex (Fans & Ballast)
TI Simplex (Lighting) Ltd
TI Simplex (Wiring Devices) Ltd
TI Stainless Tubes Ltd
TI Sturmey-Archer Ltd
TI Sunhouse Ltd
TI Superform Ltd
TI Transervice Ltd
TI Transport Equipment Ltd
TI Tube Division Services Ltd
TI Tube Products Ltd
TI Tubes Ltd
TI Vitreous Enamels Ltd
TI Weldless Ltd
TI Wilson Ltd
Tift Ltd
Timegate Computer Systems Ltd
Tistim International Ltd
Tower Housewares Ltd
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Limited
Tube Products Group Ltd
Turnright Controls Ltd
Ulster Aluminium Stockists Ltd
United Flexible Metallic Tubing Co Ltd
V L Churchill Ltd
Wallacetown Control Systems Ltd
Wallacetown Engineering Co Ltd
Warrington Chemical Plumbing and Welding Co Ltd
Weatherglaze Windows Ltd
Westbro Aluminium Wire Co Ltd
WHA Robertson (Small Parts) Ltd
Wichita Co Ltd
Wigfield & Pluck Ltd
Wilson Ltd